Average #Filipino #IQ lower than that of #Cambodia and #Indonesia! #intelligence

It is not unexpected that the philippines has a lowly national IQ average of 86 ( america had an average of 80 in 1932), - , and like the US is dragged down by the majority of anti-intellects who contribute little but reap the benefits of the few, but the real concern is that in the philippines it is not increasing, and certainly not compared to its ASEAN neighbours.

Singapore - 108
S. Korea - 106
(US - 98)
Cambodia - 91
Thailand - 91
Indonesia - 87
Philippines - 86

More disconcerting is that there is no coherent education strategy to improve IQ through its component parts - creative thinking, problem solving, logic etc., and as most educational psychologists will state, such skills must be embedded/learnt from the earliest possible age.

And of course it is not only education, but also nutrition, parental upbringing, cultural/media influences, role-models etc which play their part.

The lack of investment in/importance on human intellect is reflected in a culture ( political and business) where cronyism and mediocrity, rather than meritocracy, is the order of the day, and where a divided society with a pool of low skilled low paid labor is good for oligarchs/monopolies.

With an average of 86 then 2 standard deviations means 95% of the population does not even achieve a 120 rating - e.g Chief Justice Sereno scored 109 - not enough to get into a good Western university ( average 120), Oxford (125), let alone a leading law firm ( average 135), and no chance at Microsoft ( average 140), or becoming a surgeon ( 160) - Ateneo average 105!

Pnoy Aquino is circa 100 - 105 IQ score, so understandable why he cannot do the job, and was happier/more suited in his career as a farm manager/administrator in the family business!

Senator Lito Lapid for president and congressman Manny Pacquaio vice-president. Such intellectual politicians.



  1. Hello.

    Note that United States' average IQ is that on account of all the immigrant there from Africa and Central America ;).


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