Key aspects of the #Bangsamoro Framework Agreement #unconstitutional

All the portions of the MILF Bangsamoro agreement are patently unconstitutional. To wit:

1. The sub-state violates the constitutional integrity of our national territories in Mindanao. It is the same MOA-AD which was already declared as unconstitutional. This sub-state contains all the elements of a state including recognition. Which means that the MILF criminal, bandit, terrorist group can and will secede from the Republic of the Philippines. Our maritime territories are being violated as the sub-state even claims parts of the Sulu Sea, Moro Gulf and Yllana Bay which also violates the UNCLOS. They also claim parts of our airspace, freshwater resources and underground resources.

2. The MILF is still an outlaw criminal, bandit, terrorist group operating outside of the law. They are allied with the NPA, Jemaah Islamiya, Abu Sayaff Group and the Al Quaeda in Asia. The BIFF and the MILF have bonds of blood relations and friendships. Jihadist Muslims aid each other in Jihad war. War is deceit! Lies are acceptable to fool, deceive, confound and confuse the enemy. We are their enemies.

3. Since the start of the peace negotiations the Philippine government has given all the advantages and benefits to the MILF. IED bombs were being detonated and projectile weapons attacks initiated in Mindanao while the peace negotiations were ongoing. The government never protested these attacks. We were always dealing from a position of weakness.

4. The Constitution is silent on a state within a state, a government(MILF parliament) within the national government(presidential)and a the existence of two constitutions. The basic law is the bangsamoro constitution.

5. The IMT of Malaysians and other foreigners are continuously violating our sovereignty in Mindanao? Why did the national government allow them to operate there?

6. Why then is BS Aquino risking multiple treason and still giving all the advantages and benefits to the MILF? Is he after the Nobel peace price?

7. I am urging all of our lawyers who defend and uphold the constitution to file the necessary special civil action cases including TRO to stop this madness! Mindanao is being Balkanized without consultations from the Sovereign Filipino People. We must wake up and act against this betrayal of our Constitution!



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