#Foodie tourists to the #Philippines need to be at the right place to find the best #Filipino #cuisine

Filipino dishes basically revolve around few ingredients, garlic, onion, ginger, salt, pepper, fish sauce, meat whether chicken, beef or pork, soy sauce, and vinegar. With these plain ingredients you can make a variety of dishes. Just add another ingredients and it becomes a whole different dish. It basically start with sauteing garlic, onion, then adding the meat “Sangkutsa”. Then add soy sauce of fish sauce to taste and adding a touch of tart flavor, you have “adobo”. After that add tomato sauce, bell pepper, and simmer in coconut milk, and it becomes “Caldereta”

Surprisingly, Filipino ingenuity is seen not only in his work but also in his food. With simple ingredients, we can create distinct flavors. With our economy nowadays, with higher cost of ingredients, Filipinos adapt to this. We have to sacrifice creating a satisfying meal, with lesser cost, we are only thinking to satisfy our hunger not our taste, as evidenced by food in the “karinderya” where extenders are much more present than the meat and flavors is compensated by commercially endorsed flavor enhancers.

I do not blame Ms. Agnes for not being able to taste what our country can give. She may have been in the wrong place, wrong time and have wrong information. If she wants to taste longganisa, I’ll be gladly to invite her to my province and give him a variety of flavors, from “Recado” (Garlic) to “Batotay” (Sweet Beef). And not just the fried ones.



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