Senator Miriam Santiago: not an original thinker

Miriam Santiago is undoubtedly bright, knowledgeable, and hard working, with a good team of people, but her pomposity and need for attention and approval has become her achilles heel, as she lectures, rather than communicates, concentrates on university students rather than a wider,( more difficult), audience, and raises issues but rarely follow through to completion – except for her personal vendetta against enrile, or where it provides for personal visibility.

She also tends to jump on obvious bandwagons rather than being the originator/instigator.

Like many in the legal profession ( a world governed by precedents and the judgements of others) Miriam Santiago, by any stretch of the imagination is not an original thinker, and no doubt more suited as a typical judge than a conviction politician, and talking to admiring teenagers, rather than seasoned professionals.

And Miriam Santiago is not an Oxford alumna as she likes to say! (A 4 week summer school does not count, – that puts her on a par with my secretary – but it does show that she needs that level of approval – instead she risks being a 3rd world caricature, especially as far as real oxford alumni are concerned!)

In essence her report card reads “could, and should, have done better”.



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