Various #change and #reform movements have failed in the #Philippines.. What now?

If it’s systematic cleansing of rot that’s needed, what’s your opinion of the Marxist argument for a two-pronged attack: One in parliament and one armed wing, both under the communist party? (The one in the Philippines though is a joke. It lost its ideals when it became power for the sake of power)

From the soclialist point of view, we are on the verge of another revolution. Weber says that once the legitimacy of the state is questioned due to its inability to deliver its promises to the people who appoint it, the people have the power to take it down. A good example was the first EDSA.

But what our parents didn’t realize in EDSA was that instead of cleaning out the system, we put the problem back in: the Oligarchy. And THEY made sure that they wouldn’t be so easily displaced in the future by writing the constitution for us.

What now? The anarchist’s answers through the Occupy movements and Million People March don’t provide answers with their exposes and hashtags. And our Communist Party is ineffective. People are tired of EDSA. What now?



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