Cory Aquino's Cojuangco-bred [closet] greed #rememberCoryAquino

Cory’s opportunism, if one may call it such, is not due to any political ambition of her own. It’s rather motivated by vengeance and bitterness rooted on a narcissistic sense of entitlement or perhaps simply outright Cojuangco-bred [closet] greed. The word “opportunistic” in the political sense is more applicable to fellows like Drilon, Dinky Soliman, Sereno, and so on.

In fact, no party has raised the bar on vengeance and bitterness other than the yellow party, yet they ironically accuse others, who are not into their hate campaign against Marcos (and later, GMA), of being “ampalya” or bitter.

Ninoy died for his personal political ambitions and communists sympathies not really for the Filipino people as he declared in his “Filipino is worth dying for” rhetoric. It was simply the Lopezes’ media machine who enshrined Ninoy as a sort of modern-day Rizal (unfair to the latter). Was Marcos really unfair to him or was Ninoy really a communist sympathizer as Cory’s release of communist advocate & leader Joma Sison (Leila de Lima’s brother-in-law?) reveals?

Yellow is a very bright color, and yet the party that adopted it has always kept the country under the clutches of cowardice, darkness, militantly aggressive propaganda and vengeful historical revisionism.

There is a very serious disconnect BETWEEN what the government along with their local and foreign correspondents report regarding so-called “progress” or “improvements” in the country AND what one really experiences in everyday Filipino domestic life.—Very surreal indeed!



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