Why is criticism necessarily "negative" and "denigrating" to Filipinos?

To me, there is something fundamentally wrong with Filipinos whose reaction to Filipinos and their culture being criticized resembles something like the following statement:
Instead of writing negatively and denigrating Filipinos, why don't you instead write something that will uplift the spirits of your fellow kababayans?
There are at least three ways to take criticism. The most common are: to do nothing, to be roused to action (to do something about it), or to get discouraged and angry. Guess which one Filipinos are most likely to do.

If Filipinos can't help but feel "denigrated" or "demotivated" or "apprehensive" every time they face either adversity or criticism, then that's not exactly the problem of the message or of the messenger, IS IT?

Sharing what I think needs fixing with my fellow kababayans is my way of "uplifting their spirits". It is not a fault in me, or any other critic, if they can't take it.

More often than not, sugarcoating statements often leads to the original meaning being lost. Sometimes, it is better to just be upfront and frank about what you want other people to change in themselves. I wonder how long will it be before Filipinos realize this.


  1. truer words have never been spoken.


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