We've seen what Aquino can do if he wants something done #porkbarrelscam #PDAFScam #PDAF #porkbarrel

We saw what Aquino can do if he wants something done, like in the case of CJ Corona. He threw everything at Corona, Ombudsman, Congress, Senate, Register of Deeds, media (i.e., Rappler, Raissa Robles) everything, even the kitchen sink, so to speak, as well as non-existent little ladies and mysterious messengers. PNoy embarrassed CJ at every instance. Spoke against Corona to the media. Do we see any effort now, like to review or halt the allocation of the pork barrel? Any statement?



  1. How can PNoy abolish the pork barrel when he has P200Billion of his own as President? He threw everything at CJ Corona because he wants to make sure that former PGMA will not get acquitted by the Supreme Court if she is found guilty of the corruption charges brought up against her. PNoy will let DOJ Sec. Leila De Lima to pursue the pork barrel scammers, and let the issue die a natural death.

    We, the Filipino people, should initiate something similar to "People Power" to pressure the Semate and Congress to enact a law that will abolish the pork barrel (a seemingly impossible dream). We ahould gather at least a million people to rally outside the halls of Congress continuously until they, our Honorable Senators and Congressmen, ratify such law. If we can oust a corrupt President from power, which we've done twice already, we can surely try to encourage both houses of Congress to abolish the pork barrel.


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