Cory Aquino. Democracy icon. How do you #RememberCoryAquino ?

Screen capture of the epic response to the update "Cory Aquino. Democracy icon. How do you #RememberCoryAquino ?" posted on the ABS-CBN News Facebook page before it was deleted sometime before 6 am (Manila) today (note the number of 'Likes' in the responses)...

* * *

Erratum: (0847h Manila) Post is apparently still online here.


  1. Unfortunately, I couldn't read what's on the screenshot. :( We would appreciate if you can divide it in several parts. ::)

    1. here you go:

    2. Click the picture... ^^

  2. save the picture to your desktop and open it, you can read it now?

  3. I've added a cropped snapshot of it above for now until I could come up with a better solution to make the whole image available online.

  4. #deleted

  5. navi-view ko pa naman ung post. here's the link

  6. it's amazing how a lot of Filipinos view this opportunist as a democracy icon.goes to show how gullible most filipinos are.

  7. Cory Aquino/ABS must've been shocked at the fact that there is a demographic of people who have actually woken up instead of being continually brainwashed.


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