Three observations about today's media-obsessed 'justice' system

First, it's appalling that in today's celebrity obsessed culture, sensationalism trumps reality. Nobody's interested in verifying facts anymore. In stories like this, there shouldn't even be any hesitation about doing the research. And there wasn't even any effort required to zero in on "Anonymous'" inconsistencies. Seems the juicer the story the more mileage it gets. Regardless of the truth.

Second, our society has become incredibly cynical. We'll believe anything they write about our politicians and by extension the Filipino "elite." Especially if it tends to bring them down a peg or two. I guess not a few of us are a leeettle bit jealous of our fellows who can afford to drive around Los Angeles in a Porsche.

Third — the other side of that coin is that our leaders haven't really given us reason to believe that crimes perpetrated by the wealthy will be prosecuted and (if proven) the guilty punished. Seen in that light, one can begin to understand why Filipinos have become so cynical. There're generations frustrated by a system that favours the few and the rest just want things to be a little more egalitarian.



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