Philippines a nation of ill-mannered people? #GilasPilipinas

It's but natural to feel being looked down with all the negative comments that some people may make about some races, their cultures and social behaviors. However, I think it would be better if before one can become similar to that somebody who can be considered as judgmental or racist we could take a look at the way we behave among people around us. We are not alone in this world and majority have their standards about what decent and appropriate behavior should be.

It's sad to say that "majority" of Filipinos really don't have the ability to look at themselves more honestly, accept their shortfalls and have the decency and courage to make adjustments so that they would not be very "distinctive" among others they mingle with.

Just like the Filipino kid in Canada whose parents accused the school administration for being racist on the way he eats. Of course the parents won the case, but would they be willing to learn how to teach their child not to eat like a pig so that he would grow up not like an interesting specie in the midst of others?

That's one example where the so called Pinoy pride can be nastily correlated with. Most Pinoys are not even willing to analyze that their actions among people around them should not be a nuisance or menace.

Some typical examples are:

1) Many Filipinos "love" to play their stereos so loud that perhaps the whole barangay could hear. They feel as if all people "must" listen to their kind of music. They refuse to realize that other people have the right to their privacy for silence and have their own choice of music.

2) Perhaps 7 out of 10 motorcycle owners replace the original muffler with an outrageously noisy one. They feel "all" people they pass by the street must admire them for the noise. They refuse to comprehend that what they're doing is outrageous to others.

3. Most parents don't have the capability to restrain their children in public. They leave them to play, bump on other people and shout inside the church while Sunday service is ongoing or inside the bank, restaurants and private offices where silence and orderliness is quite expected.

The list can keep on growing.

If these kinds of behavior is but normal to Filipinos then can these be considered as a national pride worth defending?

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