There is no such thing as a poor politician in the Philippines #porkbarrel

One of the ways that politicians pay is compared country by country is as a multiple of the average GDP person in their respective country.

Some multiples – source: The Economist
Norway – 0.7 times ( also least corrupt country – transparency international)
Sweden – 1.8 times ( 2nd least corrupt country – transparency international)
France – 2.0 times
UK – 2.7
Australia – 3
Germany – 3
US – 3.5
Canada – 4
Thailand – 8
Singapore – 10
Indonesia – 18
India – 68
Nigeria – 116

Although politicians in other countries augment their salaries – stringent rules, an investigative media, and stiff punishments limit major transgressors to the exception, rather than in the philippines where corruption based easy money is not only the rule, but the raison d'aitre for being in politics.
There is no such thing as a poor politician in the philippines.

Miriam Santiago talks of senators getting a salary of up to 60 million pesos a year, excluding pork barrel which even at a conservative 20% represents an additional 40 million pesos – total average pay for philippine senator – 100 million pesos a year, and compared to average gdp per capita in philippines of 250,000 pesos equals 400 times the average!!!! Only zimbabwe and the mugabe government beats that. (427 times). What a country to be on a par with.

Philippine congressmen are considered to 'take home' (steal) around 15 million pesos a year – 60 times average.

As you would expect the highest paid politicians relative to country average wage are invariably in the most corrupt, poorest, and most underperforming countries. Mmmm

Whether it is congressmen fighting to retain their pork barrel or PNoy insisting on keeping his, in essence they are fighting to retain corruption and as usual putting self interest before the needs of the country and the overwhelming desire of the people ( 96% want pork barrel abolished – inquirer survey)
SWS/false asia have been very quiet – expect a propaganda survey soon.
Pnoy and his hypocricy only shows what a despicable character he is, devoid of any integrity or honesty.



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