Filipinos are poor because they live in an environment of bullshit

I am a foreigner turned permanent resident and in the last 2 years of living in the Philippines I have grown up all over again. The BS that citizens put up with is disgraceful. I see ten year olds buying cigarettes for their parents because mom and dad are gambling the last 100 pesos and I see people unwrap candies and simply throw the plastic on the ground like it has been done since the beginning of time. I have seen several people living alongside the Pasig River throw garbage bags full of trash into it with no hesitation. If you ever get the chance, look at the black sludge-like substance pouring into the Pasig River while it rains.

Although I agree that government officials should come up with a plan and spend the pork barrel money on more constructive things instead of a new house but as the saying goes; those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. The culture in this country is part of the problem. If you see someone littering or acting like a Neanderthal, call them out and embarrass them. Swear if you feel the need. Stop hiding behind the fear of being rude to people because the dirt bags don't deserve respect. You will be amazed at the difference it will make if people are held accountable for their actions by other citizens. Let's face it cops won't do a thing about it.

The second problem is education. I have never seen a recycling center in the two years of my stay. I live in a middle class area because I am not rich, and only half the kids go to school on a regular basis. Granted my Tagalog isn't flawless but any Congressman/woman or Senator clapping during the address should not be reelected; the Aquino address to the nation was laughable. He claimed that a teacher's salary will be raised to 30k+ a month. Since most teachers salary is paid by the moms and dads of the students, that means it is more expensive for the parents and not a whole lot of money will come out of the government funds. Good luck keeping the streets safe now. Now all the teenagers with nothing better to do will just stick to making babies as soon as they graduate high school.

I hope that I did not offend anyone by generalizing but please keep in mind that I am generalized every day. People beg for money and food, ask to borrow money and the women introduce themselves to me wearing little more than a bra and panties infront of my wife and 10 month-old-daughter. My advice to the vast majority of Filippinos: Police your own and shame the scrubs destroying your environment. Push for sex education in your school system and stop allowing church and state to mingle. Religion has no place in politics. 83% Catholics in this country, no wonder!!!! Take responsibility for your own actions and do your part.

This was not directed at anyone specifically unless you are a dirt bag using the streets of Manila as your personal landfill.



  1. Why did you have to throw in religion with all the ills this country has? Are you saying the different religious organizations are teaching Filipinos to throw their garbage, smoke at a young age, gamble, etc.?

    Don't mix up things at least. If you are an Atheist, at least don't juxtapose the bullshit (mostly borne out of free will and not forced by any group or institutions) with your issues on religious beliefs.

    1. So out of all the facts the writer said, you zero in on the part where he talks about religion. You are apparently one of the many reasons why the Philippines is poor and will remain poor. Instead of taking criticisms constructively, you get offended. You, sir, are a very big idiot.

    2. It has everything to do with religion! Because if we try to teach our children sex education, the Catholic church opposes it. Apparently, the Catholic church wants us to do what the Bible says which is to "go and multiply". Go and multiply despite the fact that kids are born into poverty every single minute. So if you read your reply again, it actually does not make any sense. No, the churches don't teach kids to throw their garbage anywhere, but because of lack of education due to poverty, they are not taught what is right.

  2. I pity you, having to live permanently in a country you hate. Your blog makes you sound like a loser, a masochist surrounded by all those loathsome people. How long must you suffer them? For the sake of your mental health, I suggest you permanently reside elsewhere

    1. @Emphraim: I can understand where you are coming from but that is my way of venting. Please take into consideration that I come from the U.S. and I dislike almost every foreign policy that they have created over the last 50 years. Spying on citizens, killing hundreds of innocent civilians daily and taking advantage of the Middle East are just a few examples. I moved here to start a life with my Filipino wife. If you knew me personally, you would understand that I love the Philippines more than the U.S. but at least I can see the silver lining. There is no saving the U.S., but the Philippines is at a crucial moment and I feel people can make a difference if they stop putting the carriage before the horse. Thanks for the constructive criticism but please review your definition of masochist. That is not an accurate adjective in describing me.

    2. Wow Ephraim Despabiladeras

      You are definitely one of those Filipinos who cannot accept constructive criticism. Instead of being defensive, why not take all of this constructively and begin change?

  3. It's hard and hurtful to admit the truth esp if you are one of the many reasons why the Philippines is poor and will remain poor (as what one of the comments stated). Two years is more than enough for this guy (i presume cus he mentioned his wife) to live, experienced and give his opinions based on his own experience. I, as one who had been away for 42 years and back after retirement to live for 2 years in the Philippines had a hard time adjusting and accepting what I saw and went through everyday. I agree with him that culture and education are 2 big contributing factors on why Filipinos are living the way they are living now (majority are poor). True he does not have to live there if he can not take it. But for the love of his wife and kid, he has to sacrifice. Nevertheless, he can not change things so he just have to live with it or leave and live some place else..

  4. Let us take a few minutes to digest your logic. I'm not allowed to juxtapose my bullshit with my issues on religion but you are allowed to juxtapose your bullshit on Athiests? How Catholic of you. The only thing I said about religion was that it had no place in politics and ensued to say that it is a crutch. Pray to God and all of your issues will go away is the epicenter of the real problem in the Philippines. You can pray for whatever you want but praying for more money and cleaner streets is only gonna get you so far.

    No I am not saying that religious organizations are encouraging people to gamble, smoke etc. However, I am saying that children graduate high school at the age of 16 and are thrown into a vicious society. The Church's and apparently your mentality is; you are old enough to attempt your fate in this unforgiving world but I'll be damned if I give you free birth control or sexual education. The only alternative is a the brutal life lesson of have 5 children by the age of 20. Your equation is wrong.

  5. I am a Filipino and I have lived here all my life... and I am sorry, I agree to what this guy is saying. Sad...but let's just face it - It is all true!


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