Root of all corruption: Filipino 'pahinge ng pera' culture #porkbarrelscam #PDAFScam #PDAF #porkbarrel

You vote politicians fort them to either govern or legislate, not to become everybody's milking cow. This kind of mentality is the root of all our corruption culture in public service. From Barangay level ( when I say from Barangay level it starts with the SK chairman all the way up to Barangay Chairman) , then Municipal or City level ( Councilors to Mayors) to Provincial level- from the Bokals , to Vice Governors to Governors) then to Congressmen people would line up either in the office or in the residences of these elected officials asking /soliciting for money, food, medicines, bus tickets, trophies, league uniforms, fiesta entertainment, crown for the Ms Barangay or Ms Fiesta, for the caracoles, for the marching band, for the wedding of their daughter, their son needs bail.

If we would stop asking cash/donations or gifts from these politicians then we would lessen their need to justify the means.

And If the availment of basic social services shall be provided by a better system by the national government and its agencies such as DOH and DSWD with easy equal access (red-tape free) by everybody in this country then indigent people would stop asking these politicians for money. Since the poor that needs to buy basic medicines are more often shooed away by either the public hospitals or DSWD or the red tape itself of securing basic services is frustrating , they often run to their elected officials who in turn so scared to offend the sensibilities of Pinoy voters would not say no to any one. Just imagine if everyday you have 100 people lining up asking for cash? Where do you think these politicians would get money to give their constituents? From their own salaries? From their personal monies? hahahaha!!

So unless we stop these "pahinge ng pera" , these politicians will not stop making ways to make money too.



  1. I completely agree with you. But even though there's no pahingi ng pera scheme, they would still find ways to make their pockets full/ di na mawawala yan.

  2. it's already there, it's hard to change, even do you want to believe that there changes, from Marcos till no now, it's getting worse from lower level to higher level of government, they will find a way .


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