'Putok vs Puso': Filipino racism as a source of pride #GilasPilipinas

I personally understand that people would like to express pride and feel entitlement when a team plays or wins. I get that.

I personally don't have that and never will.

What I do not support is claiming it as a national success story and the badmouthing of the other team.

I get that sometimes trash talking is part of the sport, but that is between the players. Why do onlookers have to stoop low by stating it as a PvP (putok vs puso). Low blow, What if the iranians made it look like it was because their measuring sticks were longer which made them win? Most likely the same people would take the talk back personally which is again, stupid.

I understand being happy for another's success. That is something I believe people normally do. But claiming it as your own is not something anyone should do, something that people in general tend to do.

We should veer away from that type of action and try to find ways so that we as well can achieve that form of success, even if it is not in the same field or endeavor, but at least we can savor our own taste of victory/success with our own hands, not relying on relishing in others.



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