Comparing to San Francisco: No excuse for lack of disaster preparedness in the Philippines #YolandaPH

Try this one for size... I'm from San Francisco (Born & Raised). There, so long as I can remember, we experienced Earthquakes very very frequently. Most were "tremors" but one, in 1989, scared the shit out of me. Here's the thing. In the San Francisco Bay Area, because we live in a place which is PRONE to Earthquakes, education on the subject of and what to do during and after is mandatory starting from a very young age. When the Loma Prieta Earthquake struck, the entire population knew exactly what do to during and after.

That being said, it was Game-One of the World Series which saved thousands of lives (most poeple stayed home to watch the SF Giants play the Oakland As). SFO experiences far less (significant) Earthquakes and Tremors than the Philippines does Typhoons. So how is it that SFO was, is & will be prepared for "The Big One" yet the Philippines is far from being prepared for any Typhoon (of any size) which occur with such regularity that you can set your watch by it? That's a rhetorical question but you get my point...

The Fact is, no matter what Aquino and his Student Council say, it is abundantly clear that they do not know what to do before, during or after a sever weather event or any disaster. In the past three years, as this article points out, we have heard the same thing over and over again; "now is not the time to criticize", "we will learn for this and do better next time", blah blah blah. And for some reason unknown to me, people still eat the shit that the palace is shoveling! To make matters worse, that cheese-dick-yellow-ribbon-retard STILL has the audacity to pass blame on the victims in Tacloban and its local government!

NO comparison! NO excuses! Aquino, once again, has and continues FAIL!



  1. Do we really have to call names? Is it really necessary? Pull your head out of the gutter

    1. I call it like I see it. The (official) death toll is over 5,000 as of now so excuse my choice of "colorful" adjectives but... The time for being nice and polite has long since past.


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