Absolute outrage: the Ph govt's continued bullshit over #YolandaPH death toll

I watched a news conference given by Mar Roxas. It, of course, was filled with the usual bullshit responses to questions as has been the case since this band of idiots have taken office. However, what really caught my attention was his (Roxas) explanation of the "body count" and the reason for the difference in "totals". To make his long, torrid and completely ridiculous explanation of this simple (I'll paraphrase here);
'Human remains are NOT considered or counted in the "death toll" tally until they have been through a process which, prior to internment or a return to surviving family member, ends with positive identification of said remains.'

It's sort of a twisted view of "Schrödinger's cat". This theory (or experiment) is an interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. You place a cat in a box. The box contains some sort of device, like a hammer attached to a pulley which is controlled from the boxes exterior, which will kill the cat. The box lid is closed and the device is activated; SPLAT! According to this theory, the cat is not alive or dead until we open the box and actually SEE its condition. Some studies have even taken this a step further to suggest that the cat does not even exist in the Physical World until we view it. So what's the connection? Roxas and the NDRRMC would like us to believe that all those bodies on the streets and especially those who have yet to be discovered are NOT dead until they have been positively identified and, their deaths may not have been caused by the actual Super Typhoon so their inclusion to the "Death Toll" is not a certainty. As Roxas said; "they might have died from a heart attack". This sums up his explanation of the differing figures insofar as the "Death Toll" is concerned.
And then it hit me! How can Aquino, Roxas, Soliman and the rest of the "Student Government" sit there with a straight face and say the idiotic things they say? How can they expect people to believe these things? No one in their right mind would even… And that's the exact moment it hit me! Aquino is not just stupid and idiotic; he's physiologically challenged! To make matters worse, he has somehow managed to place people in his cabinet who suffer from the same condition! This is NOT a joke! I am being VERY SERIOUS here! There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with these people! It would be a waste of time to go through the list of examples point-by-point.

Everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis already knows it by heart. This country is being run by, pardon the term, "retards"! I remember posting a humorous comment (probably on one of Ben Kritz's articles) saying people who defend Aquino (and his Cabinet) are like those who defend "special children" who had to take "the short bus" to school… I'm not laughing anymore. CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera (etc) send REAL journalists here who investigate, ask the tough questions and then point out the failures of this Government. In response, the Government says they're wrong.

International Aid Agencies pointed out the many reasons why relief has been taking so long to reach people who need it. In response, the Government says they're wrong. The freaking United Nations, the UNITED NATIONS, criticizes the Government for their continued failures. In response, the Government says they're wrong… Clearly, the ENTIRE International Community can see what is REALLY happening here and yet, this Government of fools sticks to their guns and, instead of doing things to improve the situation, they come up with more stupid ideas which make the matter worse (I didn't think that was even possible). Now, they're talking about an "investigation to uncover the reasons why so many people died"! What's the line used by that Columnist? "Santa Banana"!

I just assume the Face-Palm Position and say out loud; "WHISKY-TANGO-FOXTROT"! This is beyond funny! This is way beyond anything I have ever witnessed before… The Philippines is being run by a bunch of clowns who have no idea that the entire Circus is on fire! Keep CRITICIZING! The Student Government will NOT hear you (nor will they care) but maybe, just maybe, people out there will hear you and finally decide to change the disastrous course the Philippines is now on.



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