Ph politics ruined the day for #YolandaPH relief effort

I believe that the problem in the Philippines is Politics. The government, national and local, are all doing their best effort to manage the post-typhoon rubbish, yet it is politics that got on the way. Binay distributed reliefs with the VP logo, Romualdez was saying not all people are being reached by relief goods of national government; Mar is unaccepting of the fact that there could have been 10,000 dead when the police official was suspended, PNoy was smiling a lot while being interviewed on TV by the international channel. The evacuees in Villamor as well as the volunteers there mentioned that at one time there was no coordinator to manage the volunteers.

Despite of the best intention (good motive), politics here in our country is there to ruin the day.



  1. I am done...and I am tired of this Govt. Can't we do somethig? People wake-up!


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