PNoy cannot presume to preach about hunger to #YolandaPH victims

Aside from the fact that they keep on wearing yellow on TV, they keep on blaming the local government units (each time BS Aquino does this, the international media probably wonder if Tacloban is part of the Philippines).

Just a few minutes ago I watched a video of BS Aquino in Tacloban. Yes, finally he is in Tacloban. This was a suggestion made by Ted Failon on DZMM. It's amazing how our cabinet secretaries kiss the ass of Failon. (Crucify me again for listening to that station)

Anyway going back to BS Aquino's video, the summary of his message was about working together (FINALLY). I can't really quote his whole idiotic message but this is a line that hit me. According to BS Aquino "….pag nagalit na ako….." (in relation to working with the other local government units in Tacloban) "…..idadaan ko na lang sa sakit (o asim…I'm not sure about that) NG SIKMURA!" but I'm sure he said the word "SIKMURA"

Please BS Aquino, that kind of message is really inappropriate for a town with people STARVING. We, as unaffected and merely viewers of the aftermath of Yolanda, should not even joke about hunger and starvation. We will never know what hunger is unless we have lost everything and we haven't eaten in TEN DAYS!!!!! I'm sure, Mr. President, you have no idea what hunger is!

My appeal is simple: MR.President, if you want us to stop criticizing you, ACT ABOVE OUR EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT and SPEAK ABOVE OUR INTELLIGENT QUOTIENT. Then may be we can shut up!



  1. opinion lng po... nkakalungkot lng kc ang alam halos ng lahat ng tao dto sa tin, c kris aquino ang my tendency na tlgang mging tactless... sa akin lng pong view, there are some different avenues for our dear president to express his dismay.. not now po sir.. that's one of the prices u have to pay when u accept the call for presidency and lead a nation... d q rin po gstong malugar sa position nyo kc po tlaga nmn pong npakahirap.. ptuloy po aq ngppray n i guide po at bigyan p kau ng strength ng ating mhal n Panginoon... Mabuhay po ang bayang Pilipinas nting minamahal....

    1. tao lang po si Pnoy, mahirap ang trabaho nya. Kayo kaya mapunta sa posisyon nya... LOL! pardon my bad impression of a yellow zombie! :P

    2. a typical response of a yellow zombie

    3. hehehe, you ARE a yellow zombie...

  2. tao nga lang si Pnoy.. incompetent na tao.


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