False climate change reasoning from PNoy and Nadarev Sano following #YolandaPH disaster

As I keep reading these quotes from interviews and articles which refers to "climate change" and the attempt by this President and Philippine Climate Change Commission's negotiator Naderev Sano to in some way attempt to place blame on "other countries" for there lack of doing something more concrete than as he put it "moving the gold posts" As foreigner and someone who has been living here for almost 3 year snow and who considers himself to be very environmentally conscious, I do take issue with this view that other nations should some how do more so that it will save the Philippines from more horrible storms due to climate change. I do think in some ways it is a bit dramatic and even perhaps a bit hypocritical, after all I live in the Philippines and outside of Metro Manila perhaps, I don't personally see or experience much observance, compliance or enforcement of the environmental laws especially Republic Act 9003 which addresses "Open Burning" and other waste management and environmental issues!

I can't help wonder with all these open burning fires taking place all over this country how the heat and smoke polluting the air is not having some huge and cumulative effect upon the warming of the air and might be effecting climate change here in this country? I might also add that the waste management issue is one that seems to be lacking as well, and I am sure it too has a huge impact on the environment with all the trash piling up and decaying, being thrown in the lakes, streams, rivers, the ocean and just about any place that one chooses to throw it. The City I live in has passed several different City ordinances related to littering but I don't see them doing much good, just walk or drive around town and down any street and you will find trash just overflowing out of the trash bins due to their inadequate size, or more often piled up along the wall of some building or some residence, scattered due to the feast it has become for all the stray animals, creating an eye soar not to mention a health hazard! Even in my own neighborhood garbage seems to accumulate and get blown all over the streets due to the limited pick up that goes on. So the way I see things, the Philippines is by no means without blame and a shining example of having good, successful environmental laws and enforcement!

So, Mr. Sano, Mr President and the rest of the citizens in this country what is the Philippines doing to change the impact it might be having on the environment in this Nation as a whole and what effect might it be contributing to the global warming and climate change situation due to its lack of observance and enforcement of it's own environmental laws? Perhaps one would do good to look at the "Pink Elephant" in their own country so-to-speak before you go and make passionate speeches and pleas and dramatic acts to perhaps place pressure on other countries for lack of action! Certainly every country has a responsibility including the Philippines to do their part however, from what I see, the Philippines has a very, very long way to go in cleaning up their own country and reducing their own impact on global climate change and the environment!
Lets hope folks here will begin to realize this and take some concrete measures and actions, to take responsibility in a personal real and practical way in their own neighborhoods and do something to change the way they see their environment and the way they personally impact it, after all as the quote goes, "ignorance is curable, stupid is forever" really does hold true!

While I would really like to be optimistic here we have however, all seen these conferences come and go with little if any great steps made as it relates to the environment, all these nations being represented may say all the correct things and give the appearances that they will change but who are we kidding here? Do you really think that anything substantial is really going to happen other than "moving the goal posts"? I'm a realist, there is plenty of blame to go around from the larger developed countries to the smallest developing ones and Nations can point fingers at each other until "the cows come home"! No doubt every Nation in the world and every person living on this planet we call earth has a responsibility to the environment that sustains them, certainly some countries have more money to throw at this effort and can perhaps implement more laws to force its citizens to be more environmentally conscious and "action do speak louder than words" especially in this circumstance but as I see things what good is it for a bunch of Nations to come together and make commitments with no intention of delivering on them as seems to repeat itself over and over again? While I do think it is shameful for countries to make commitments and not follow through with them regardless of what they might be, (this is called integrity) it does beg the question, What are the consequences to those countries that don't deliver on their commitments? Are they going to be boycotted, black listed, will tourist stop going there on vacation, will they be sanctioned economically or in some other meaningful way, just what will be done to them for not taking measures and actions that they somehow will all come to an agreement on and make commitments to at this conference? I honestly don't think much will happen just looking from past history until every "individual "on this planet "personally takes responsibility" for the impact they have on their own environment through education, being taught how to honor and respect the environment, getting folks young and old alike involved in doing practical things that give them personal awareness and help them to understand the part they play and the impact they have on their environment which after all does sustain them in one way or another! Until countries which have no, weak or poorly implemented environmental laws create them, begin to strengthen them and rigorously enforce them with consistency then not much progress will have been made!

I have often wondered if maybe the violation of environmental laws should not only have very huge economical punishment but maybe those who are found guilty of violating them should serve time giving back to the environment in some way, perhaps years of their lives in doing something in a positive way to the environment that they so carelessly took for granite and chose to pollute or damage in some way form or fashion! For some individuals this might well mean the rest of their lives! The point is, folks have to wake up and take responsibility for their actions in all ways or pay the consequences no matter how steep they might be!

I hope that all individuals young and old alike all over this planet of ours will begin to take serious their personal responsibility not only in how they effect and impact their environment but as human beings in general of the responsibilities that we all have to one another in doing what is necessary for the betterment and good of all peoples everywhere!

I might caution that one must be very careful in what one says and does on national TV or in interviews cause for the whole world to see and read, you will get called out!



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