Filipinos don't want a better country #scrappork #porkbarrel

Another question is why are Filipinos only moving now to abolish PDAF and similar programs out there? PDAF has been around for a long time.

I don't think Filipinos want a better country that bad so as to initiate actions to accomplish it. We all waited until the standard of living dropped over the course of time until we begin to feel the effects. Why didn't we have as many protests during the 90′s? Some may say we are better connected today and we can organize better. I say bullshit on that. We had TV, newspapers and radios long before social media. Besides, during the course of history we've seen how ineffective PDAF is. We know that projects sponsored by senators and congressmen are substandard. And we know for a long time that LGUs are the real implementors of projects so by that logic the funding should go straight to them. And of course we know politicians are robbing us are taxes. If you are being robbed you take action and go after the thief.

I don't think Filipinos really desire a great nation. To illustrate my point, check these three items.

1. Mamaya na habit
2. Crab Mentality
3. Bahala na Mentality

Why is it so difficulty to snap out of these three? You'd think that after being colonized 3 times we'd would have learned to stand on our own two feet, that we would have learned a lot from our colonizers and adapt these to our advantage.

This also leads me to believe that we are too soft on people who trample our rights and dignity. In other countries like U.S. you can stand up to your boss when you are being taken advantage of. Here, it's different. Clerks and secretaries become waiters for their bosses. That's not part of their job description. The boss should get his cup of coffee.

Since my mother worked at a government agency for 27 years, she had done jobs that her bosses were supposed to do and when she demanded for a promotion, they didn't give it. They were probably saving it for a relative fresh out of college.

Look at those terrorist groups running around the country side taking hostages and bombing public places. If we really cared about this country the government should have had those wiped out a long time ago.

I just wish Filipinos stop bullshitting around and start taking things more seriously.



  1. because we were made to believe that "pag inapi ka, wag ka gumanti makakarma din yan" or "weather weather lang yan, dadating din ung time mo". so in effect, we're always waiting for this elusive "opportunity" na hindi nman dumadating kasi habang tumatagal hindi na ntin ma-discern kung kelan tayo dapat magsalita or umalma sa mga maling nangyayari...

  2. Let's face the truth: Inferior po ang lahi natin. Bakit kamo? Heto po ang General Rule dito: Ang Pinoy po, walang kultura, walang pakundangan sa iba, abusado, bastos, mababa ang EQ, at higit sa lahat, masyadong makasarili. Ours is a nation where only the thieves, liars, cheats, incompetents and plunderers become rich and successful. Sadly, we, the Pinoys, have remained as the low-level, small-time, unevolved macaques in the world now dominated by apes.

  3. Hi, I'm Canadian and this is exactly the kind of comment I want to hear from Filipinos in our modern time. First of all, I wish Filipinos can be honest with themselves and tell the truth. It's almost impossible to tell the truth in that country. We can't even criticize it or we can get banned. We don't creticize just to creticized. We creticize to make things better! That's different. Most Filipinos prefer to hear a beautyfull lie about the reality of their country rather then an ugly truth. First of all, it's time to talk about all the society problems that Filipinos are facing but can't admit. It's not god or the little cute baby Jesus that will do that. The catholic church and all those silly religions loves to see you poor, ignorant and weak. Don't count on them to help you because they wont. Open your mind to the religion of thinking and judging by yourself. It's great to complain for good reasons. After that trust me that things will start moving for the better.Unfortunately there are not enough of Filipinos who think like you.Most think they will fix their problems by smiling and praying all day long. Most don't give a shit.


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