Mar Roxas to Albert Romualdez: 'Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo!' #YolandaPH

"You're a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. We just want to legalize this. If it's not legalized then, ok, you're in charge. Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo."

-- DILG Secretary Mar Roxas speaking to Albert Romualdez on Malacanang's position on the matter of relief assistance to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban City.

Source: YouTube video.


  1. ito yung Video..!!

  2. Why Mar Roxas not questioning the Governor instead of the Mayor ?.

  3. saan ang video???? diyos ko po!!!!

  4. Yes,, the video is very clear.... walang makita.


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