Filipinos continue to fail to make a global mark and instead boast small-time 'achievements'

Everyone has a different taste and a different perception with beauty. Sad thing about our so-called 'race' is that they don't get the attention or even respect globally because lately when I saw something that has a Pinoy subject in it, it all has something to do with outrage..and we seem to love to ride on the outrage fad. It is no wonder why a lot of people suffer from hypertension and high blood pressure, not to include of course the life style that most people do.

We have no international representation in just about anything, take sports for example, now don't get me wrong about Gilas and Azkals but we have yet to at least participate in a big global event that is at the level of the Olympics. When was the last time we won a gold medal in the Olympics? Last time I checked every medal our country has won in that event can be counted by my fingers. 2 silvers and 7 bronze I think? My pinky finger still has room for one more :D

Speaking of international representation, how many people actually come here and experience that "It is more fun in the Philippines"? Thanks to the NPA, MILF, MNLF, Abu Sayaff that is infesting the places where tourism could have been good business and all those misguided, gun-toting, mouth-breathers are waiting for their next victim(s) to kidnap, rape, rob, and slay. But of course at the cost of millions of dollars to be paid for by our government just in case they still want to give them back alive. Even if they don't go to those places, just when you arrive at NAIA when you see the immigration officer, the cops, the comfort room, the taxi drivers, the pollution, the sad miserable tow-wrecks (whether a beggar or a robber) trying to get you to give your money to them because their children are get the drift.

Sadly our cuisine has not been able to attain a consistent point of view and refinement. You don't see many foodstops abroad with Filipino cuisine in it, and don't get me started with Jollibee.

So the problem lies is this, they work with what they have, and that is with their women. Very rare that you get women in pageants who aren't a mix of another race, but then whoever gets the shot will get a lot of attention and support. The Filipinos have a lot of pride in their so-called 'race' and thrives to compete with other countries for respect or at most for attention. Look at Manny Pacquiao and how the Filipino community comes together. The problem with that is after the match is over, everyone is gonna ride the coattails of Manny Pacquiao or in this case Megan Young in which that is the part where it all goes wrong.

Every nation is guilty of taking something too how South Africa loves football(soccer), how America loves basketball and football, how India loves Bollywood just to name a few (feel free to correct me though but that is my observation as I've traveled to these places already). You can call it a shallow obsession or whatever but that is how it is, it gives people a sense of numbing pleasure that takes them off from the reality of the world.

As for me, I go back to work today, this country's problems still remains unsolved, people down south are stuck in a warzone, pork barrel bs is still high and up in the air, some parts of my province are still stuck with blackouts, the price of rice is still freaking expensive, U.S. Government shuts down..and yeah so many other bullshit that around the world.



  1. Nice observation. Finesse and Refinement are two elusive words of the Filipino trait. We could be better.


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