Sec. Mar Roxas and CNN's Andrew Stevens debate collection of bodies in Tacloban

DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and CNN correspondent Andrew Stevens discuss the speed of Philippine Government relief efforts in calamity areas left by Typhoon Yolanda.

Source of quotes: CNN video on YouTube.


  1. Mar Roxas just confirmed the existence of zombies in Tacloban.

  2. Naka-suot dilaw din katulad n Abnoy! Ano ba itong mga opisyal na ito, politika pa rin sa gitna ng kalamidad.

    1. trapo ang mga opisyal dapat itapon na

  3. So you circulate the bodies on the street to keep them fresh?

  4. This just proves how much of an idiot Mar is

  5. you know what mar roxas you need to shut up and resign not romualdez bec you are the one who doesnt know how to handle things. you must be in lala land with your wife korina sanchez.. AK

  6. maybe mar roxas loves sucking pnoy's dick.. or kissing everyones ass in malacanang so that he could get support when he runs for president in 2016.. just saying go ahead mar roxas go suck some more dick.. AK

  7. everytime I see Mar Roxas on television having interview he always proving is incapacity to run the nation total full idiot. I think he have neurological problem don't have the capacity to handle his job

  8. ibig niyang sigurong sabihin "aba napick up na namin yung patay diyan bagong patay yang sinasabi mo di namatay sa bagyo namatay yan sa gutom"


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