Can Filipinos survive another three years of President Noynoy Aquino?

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and honestly declare that the President was never prepared or fit to lead our country. In fact, the devastation and problems the country has been encountering, one after the other, the Zamboanga siege, that botched hostage crisis, our row with China, the natural disasters, and unresponsiveness of government, they point to terrible leadership or to be on the point, a real lack of it. While blessings are great, I don't think prayers alone will cut it. We should be spared of that man's ineptness. I don't think our country can suffer through 2-3 more years of Noynoy.

Also, what good does that credit rating do in the practical, day to day sense? Prices of fuel and goods are up. Infrastructure projects are halted, overpriced, or not present. The so-called rice security that this administration has been touting is a sham. There is no planning going on in the NDRCC (or whatever alphabet soup agency) as witnessed by the slow response of gov't to the typhoon Yolanda victims. It even took the president forever and a day to decide to declare a state of calamity in Tacloban and he even indulged in a little blaming on the side. That is simply unacceptable. The funny thing is, you see and hear these pieces of news daily on the radio and the broadsheets. The information and commentary there, however, isn't as in your face as it is presented here. And you know why, for the most part, either these press people are politically affiliated with the president or were cowed by this particular president's vindictiveness and supreme disregard for press freedom.

For all the jabs thrown out to Marcos and the martial law era, at least the latter was legally declared and the streets were more orderly. Today, we have an undeclared martial law that is, in the colloquial: "palpak." Martial law you say? Well, you have president who controls the executive branch, uses money (pork, pdaf, and whatever creative acronyms they use that amount to the same thing) and intimidation to secure the cooperation of the legislative, and outright disregard for the judiciary.

Case in point, arbitrarily banning people from leaving the country without charges being pressed. Hell, the president replaced the previous chief justice with one of his own choosing, inexperience and seniority be damned. So, while it is generous of you to bless the fellow, it doesn't really change the facts on the ground. Also, his so-called economic achievements are simply the successes of the previous administration. And, finally, soup kitchens and dole-outs aren't going to cut it in getting our fellow Filipino's lives back on track. No disrespect, but I hope this overlong post puts things in perspective. If anyone wants proof, Google is your friend. Read and actually understand the implications of the news.



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