Filipinos need to raise their kids to be honest!

I think it is time for all of us to learn to move forward as a community, as a county, as one instead saving and hording for ourselves not thinking or considering what happens to our fellow human beings. I meant this for the victims, politicians and for all of us. The higher power gives us lessons to learn. What are you learning from this tragedy? What are you doing to help?

There is a big problem in the Philippines, corrupted officials, stealing and cheating are accepted behaviors. I notice that people who are not happy when they do not benefit from the corruption, but given an opportunity to gain from corruption, many openly "receive". It has to stop and it has to stop now. Stop the corruption. Teach our children to receive and give honestly, teach them to care about other human beings and our planet. Help the children to feel happiness helping others NOT happiness getting the most latest and expensive toys.

What goes around comes around? Imagine if we give kindness and honesty to everyone, imagine what will come around.

And those religious freaks, you will go to hell first !!!



  1. I'm just wondering, Why oh why? --a seperate elementary grades Subject in the yesteryears; GOOD MANNERS & RIGHT CONDUCT that has proven it's worth was ultimately stricken-out of our school curriculum by the Philippine educational system. -dinggol.d~~~


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