Five points relevant to the post #YolandaPH humanitarian crisis

1. TOO MUCH POLITICS IS VERY NOYNOYING. It's irritating how P-noy care more of his image and rating than really doing the must-do jobs for T. Yolanda victims. As well as this blog, too much emphasis on presidency. Very classic political write up.

2. THE VICTIMS NEED HELP.REALLY! It's a collective effort from all of us. The role of the government is to facilitate and organize. (which they suck!)

3. HALF PREPARED IS NOT PREPARED AT ALL. According to P-Noy, the gov't did their job on informing the people to be prepared of the typhoon. To be fair to the administration, they did information dissemination. But to let our kababayans know and understand how strong this typhoon is, no they didn't. I remember Mar Roxas just described it on the news as trees would be cut by the wind. Just like that,shallow description as to what had happened.

Despite of the information before hand regarding the typhoon that's going to hit the country, the gov't had not anticipated of the worst case scenario. They hadn't prepared immediate-disaster-response plans. And it shows how they are unprepared after the Yolanda had struck Visayaz (most in Leyte and Samar). I bet they thought it would just like one of the strong typhoon that passed in our country on which people would carry on living their life like it didn't happen and gov't obligations people don't mind.

4. REAL LEADERSHIP IS INDEED WHAT WE NEED. the first thing P-noy should have done aside from immediate rescue is to deliver an inspiring speech that would give hope and reassurance to the people.AS well as to give clear mandates and instructions to guide everyone to work as one. Just like the leaders in history, at the darkest period in that time.

5. HECK TO THE ATTITUDE INTERNATIONAL OPINION MATTERS MORE. It's a good thing an international reporter came in and share and describe to the world the actual scenario now there in Leyte. A fresh new eyes. A perspective coming from an outsider. Truth hurts but we Filipinos tend to care more of the opinions coming from foreigners esp. from the westerners. When an American speaks, more hear and listen to the voice of concerns when in fact it's already there, actually screaming, we just don't mind.



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