Filipinos deserve better than 50 percent, but Leni Robredo wants them to accept 25 percent!

Leni Robredo's camp is making it look like the camp of archrival for the contested Vice President seat Bongbong Marcos is the one trying to influence the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET). The fact is, it is Robredo who is encouraging circumventing the original rules issued by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) which stipulated a 50 percent shading threshold for ballots used in the 2016 national elections.

Robredo's strategy is to emotionally-blackmail the PET into agreeing to her plea. Her camp had been campaigning hard to get the PET to recognise an obscure change in the threshold rule that reduces the threshold to 25 percent. For his part, Marcos had been satisfied with the rule that applied at the time votes were being cast in May 2016. Indeed, the COMELEC itself had, in the lead up to those elections, implemented an information campaign to remind Filipino voters to fully-shade the circles corresponding to their chosen candidates on their ballots.

The camp of Robredo is playing Filipinos for fools, making good use of that familiar Yellowtard tried-and-tested persuasion method that is saturated to emotional appeal but is, in essence, consistently thin on substance.

It is high time Filipinos apply a bit more brain to the messaging the Yellowtards and their leader, Leni Robredo, inundate them with. Intelligent voters will have shaded their ballots properly. Anything less than even 75 percent is a fail by most normal standards. Filipinos deserve more than 50 percent and to suggest that 25 percent will suffice is nothing less than an insult to an entire electorate.


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