It is time for Filipinos to DITCH Tagalog and embrace English, the language of WINNERS!

The push for use of Tagalog at the expense of English proficiency has been one of the most DAMAGING initiatives to Filipino global competitiveness. Proficiency in Tagalog -- into which untold billions of pesos in public education funds had been poured -- has no proven benefit to Filipinos in terms of increasing employability and marketability.

The probability of finding an ad for a top-money job stating that "Tagalog proficiency will be highly-regarded" is practically NIL. "You'll go places and achieve great career heights thanks to your exquisite Tagalog" -- said NO career coach EVER.

The Tagalog dialect reflects the profound character of its native speakers. Oh and by by the way, there is no Tagalog word for "efficiency". A country that prides itself in being the "call centre capital" of the world undermines that source of pride by encouraging its people to speak in sub-standard English.

English and other languages spoken by societies with extensive and deep traditions of scientific achievement are the top choices of language to INVEST time to learn. Try translating this to Tagalog:

Just because molecular irregularities cause a ballbearing’s radius to vary by nanometers along its surface does not stop us from attributing a spherical quality to it at a macro level.

And appreciate what a lame language Tagalog is!

"Nosebleed", "E di wow", "Ikaw na" -- phrases that epitomise Philippine society's profound INTELLECTUAL BANKRUPTCY thanks to three decades of Yellowtard rule that embedded the use of Tagalog in Philippine media.

English is an intellectual language. Tagalog, on the other hand, is a lame language. Therefore, it is easy to see why Tagalog speakers suck at intellectual debate and often resort to ad-hominem, non-sequiturs, and resbak argumentation.

English proficiency -- like fair skin -- is a ticket to upward social mobility in the Philippines. Harsh fact. But it's true and no amount of pandering to Tagalog speakers will CHANGE that FACT.

The bottomline: TAGALOG TRIUMPHALISM is a Filipino social CANCER that needs to be eradicated. Filipinos should face the FACT that Tagalog delivers very little. English is the language of WINNERS.

Based on a Twitter thread.


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