A confusing Yellowtard memo to all "non-Filipinos" commenting and writing about Philippine politics...

I'm confused. Seeing that there are so many foreign "journalists", commentators, celebrities, and "rapporteurs" being celebrated for airing their views about the Philippine government under President Rodrigo Duterte, I wonder what it is exactly this bozo is calling for...

Paalala sa isang blogger, kung citizen ka sa isang bansa sa Europa, wala kang karapatang makisali sa politika sa Pilipinas at lalong hindi ka dapat nakikigulo sa Philippine media. Nakikibaka ako dahil Filipino citizen at leche, magbabayad na naman ako ng property at income taxes.

Translated to the language of champions: "Reminder to a certain blogger: If you are a citizen of a European country, you don't have the right to comment on Philippine politics and, more importantly, you should not be getting involved with the Philippine media. I am concerned because I am a Filipino citizen who pays taxes."

Perhaps we should seek comment about this from those who also cheered when so-called award bodies put on a pedestal certain failed media CEOs for screeching about an imagined "assault on press freedom" to cover up their management failures.

Or maybe we should also ask Rosario Dawson what she thinks of this.

Inconsistency seems to be a Yellowtard talent indeed.


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