The REAL lesson in Tito Sotto's successful take down of Pepsi Paloma articles from the Inquirer

The way Netizens are once again in the middle of another one of their shrill outrage fad "activist" campaigns against the latest bogeyman mirrors the same collective frustration and feeling of helplessness that fuels the shameful and pointless brawls that have come to characterise Philippine basketball.

Sure, the Inquirer caved to the request of Senate President Tito Sotto to remove articles about his involvement in the Pepsi Paloma rape case of the 1980s. But there is something to be said about these Netizens seeing their "heroic" journalists as the only bastion of "resistance" to so-called "bullying".

In case these shrill "activists" hadn't  noticed, the successful takedown of Rodel Rodis's piece on Paloma is just the finishing touch on a shrewd burying of this case over the last several decades. The "battle" these bozos are talking about was not lost today. It was lost more than 30 years ago. The case was dismissed, Sotto won elections, and the Inquirer management likely figured this is not a battle worth fighting. That is what is real here.

As earlier stated this is no different to Gilas's epic tantrum on the hardcourt the other day. They had already lost the game to Australia by the time they kicked up a stink. Too much emotionalism over a battle too late to win.


  1. Gilas know they already lost. But bullying our players by a bunch of racist aliens should NOT be tolerated. Especially in our OWN turf😬

  2. it was not dismissed but it was not pursued due to alleged coersion by sotto`s clan to pepsi paloma and vic sotto with joey de leon and richie d horsie did issue a public apology to pepsi paloma which is haunting them until now.


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