Post #SONA2018 analysis: Yellowtards were outflanked by pure statesmanship!

This year's State of the Nation Address (SONA) and the side-stories that ran parallel with it proved that the Philippine Opposition under the leadership of the Yellowtards are not on top of their game.

They were caught completely flat-footed after focusing their ill-thought-out preparations on anticipating an expletive-peppered speech, being prepared to spot "evidence" of moves towards authoritarianism, and propping up obsolete Cold War era sloganeering. The clique of Yellowtards, in essence, was an old dog doing its tired old street parliamentarianism tricks. All the while real parliamentarianism was going on behind closed doors in air-conditioned offices within the framework of the law and due process.

Alarmist tweets based on hasty conclusions dominates Yellowtard chatter.

Rather than focus their "opposition" on real issues, the Yellowtards quibbled over personalities and conspiracy theories. Theirs is not the real and modern Opposition Filipinos deserve. It is an intellectually-bankrupt Opposition that needs to be overhauled.


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