Why Filipinos should ditch Tagalog and embrace the English language

Filipinos will never be able to compete globally until they apply a more realistic regard for their "national" dialect. For one thing Tagalog was originally spoken by a certain river-dwelling tribe that happened to be situated where the Philippines' biggest and most important city bubbled up. As a result their dialect became the de facto lingua franca of a nation cobbled together by colonial edict.

The trouble with Tagalog, however, is that only Filipinos speak it. And it is mainly out of habit and necessity. Beyond Filipinos, Tagalog finds no place in any transaction or endeavour of global consequence. Certainly the vast store of world-claas knowledge vital for the Philippines to develop an ability to compete on the world stage is articulated in languages native to societies with strong traditions of achievement in science, technology, business, and governance.

It is, indeed, high time that Tagalog be junked and English be taken up as the language of choice for the up and coming success stories the Philippines badly needs. Tagalog is not a language of winners. English is. That is the reality Filipinos need to confront with modern minds.


  1. What about monolingual countries like Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc..?


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