Robredo's response to Duterte calling her "incompetent" proves she is unfit to be President

You can see the sort of President "vice president" Leni Robredo would likely be if ever she found herself warming the seat of the highest office in the Philippine government. Finally speaking out on the matter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte calling her unfit to be president, this is all Robredo had to say...

Ayoko na sana i dignify pero siguro sabihin ko nalang na imbes na insultuhin ako o ang Diyos, asikasuhin nalang muna ang mga problema ng ating ekonomiya

Translated to the language of champions:  "I prefer not to dignify this but I guess I will, instead, say that rather than insult me or God, [Duterte should] first focus on the problems of our economy..."

Firstly, being called "incompetent" is not an insult. It is a statement of an assessment of one's ability to fulfill a role. Second, a truly strong leader will not take being called "incompetent" sitting down. Indeed, Filipino macho culture looks up to people who put up a fight as was proven in the recent brawl between Gilas's Pilipinas and the Australian team during a FIBA basketball match.

Coming from no less than the president of the Philippines himself, being rated "incompetent" is something one ought to take on board at least. Indeed, Robredo has no proof at all that she could run a country as large and as diverse as the Philippines. In fact, she herself had asserted no such capability even during the campaign leading to the 2016 elections and all throughout her stint thus far as presumptive "vice president" -- bizarre considering the vice president is just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

This is ironic considering Robredo is a Yellowtard and, as such, presumably an advocate of that political camp's "Laban" movement.


  1. Third: She uses the typical politician speak of "improve the economy" without defining what that means. It's an empty devoid statement without defining which parts of the economy need improved.


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