Why I support Pres. Duterte (and why you too should!)

He is more than just a genuinely caring leader who wants the best for his people or a tough-talking, psy-war expert Commander-in-Chief who's determined to dismantle narcopolitics, crime, corruption, and extreme inequality--

More than all that, he is a GEOPOLITICAL GENIUS, a master strategist (as I've mentioned many times before).

Let me try to elucidate:

For many years, the world used to see us as a Third World country where domestic helpers, boxers, and some beauty queens come from. A nation whose previous short-sighted leaders encouraged its people to work overseas and depended too much on their remittance.

For many years, we were only considered as just another small nation to be disregarded, threatened, bullied, or worse, exploited. A nation where even our own fishermen were driven away from our very shoals.

For many years, we allowed Uncle Sam to prevent and suppress us from knowing and from truly realizing our country's worth--in exchange for some foreign aids. Foreign aids which were often coursed through those organizations controlled by a few people aligned with the previous political party in power. All that in Uncle Sam's interest to keep the Philippines as its vassal state and serve as an insulator.

It took a President who is unbound, unafraid, and uncompromised--a leader bold, and bright, and wise enough to understand our country's very strategic and valuable location to finally put Philippines on spotlight.

Six months after Duterte swore into power, the world is now competing to win us.

Now, Duterte has the four super powers offering their assistance in developing our country's infrastracture.

Yes, this foul-mouthed Philippine President has wisely set aside its dispute with China (without giving up our rights) and landed $24 billion in promised aid.

He also won from Japan some $1.8 billion in business deals for the Philippines and a pledge from Japanese conglomerate to invest $17.2 billion in water, power, and infrastructure.

In six months, he has started to establish warm relations with all the world leaders--more importantly, with the four world powers: Russia, Japan, China, and yes, even US! He has turned himself into a leader who directly or indirectly holds the balance in world politics.


Too bad, his haters cannot and can never understand him--much more appreciate what he has started to accomplish. Or even if they do, their views and actions are clouded by their own selfish interest.

For me and for as long as Duterte's actions are in line with the principles and values I hold dear, for as long as there are greed-driven forces who will try to overthrow this new govt.--

I shall remain most vigilant and involved.

I shall continue to support & defend him.

And I ask everyone to do the same. For our children and our children's children.

Let us not miss this chance to bring our country to greatness--as this chance may never come again...


MJ Quiambao Reyes as posted on Facebook.


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