2013 electoral offense threatens Leni Robredo's claim to the vice presidency

There is another way Leni Robredo can be taken out of the post she occupies, not through an extra-constitutional means, but through a legal process.

She has a pending case at the COMELEC filed by spouses Villafuerte, for allegedly accepting foreign contributions for her 2013 run for Congress.  The allegations is that while the monies were coursed through Loida Nicolas-Lewis who remains to be a dual citizen, and hence is not barred from making campaign contributions, Loida is allegedly on record to have admitted that such monies, or part of it, came from solicitations from US nationals, which would technically render it as the same as a foreign contribution.

This is an election offense, and anyone found guilty of it is perpetually barred from running for public office.

If Leni Robredo is found guilty, she would be disqualified to run in any elections, including the VP elections in 2016.

During our radio program Karambola, where Chairperson Bautista was our guest, I asked him on this issue, and he promised that he will take a look into this case.  Well, let us hope he will, even as we should continue to pressure COMELEC to act on this case with fair dispatch.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook.


  1. He will take a look at it? Sinong COMELEC Commissioner kaya ang humahawak ng kaso na to? Bakit ang tagal nd decision..it should have been decided before the 2016 elections because it is material to Leni's qualification. Ang mga dilaw talaga o!

  2. meaning..it's now immaterial cox Leni was able to run and won.digong & macoy talaga..huhukayolin kahit naagnas na bangkay upabg bigyang hustisya ang kapritso nila

  3. Macqueline PalalayJanuary 7, 2017 at 3:29 PM

    Yes, WHAT is taking COMELEC so long (not) to solve this Leni Robredo's case since 2013? Anong "look into the case" as claimed by its incompetent, unscrupulous Aquino LP kin and puppet Chair Andy Bautista? He makes it sound that "pending" might as well be "cold"...case in COMELEC lingo then. The election qualification rules and requirements ought to be changed so that those candidates with outstanding ethics and/or criminal cases should be barred from running--until there is a verdict of innocence. It's a joke that we have politicians in high government positions who are ex-convicts and have long rap sheets. Makes one wonder what DOJ/NBI clearance and background checks are for then? Pakapalan talaga. Philippine election reform is truly overdue.


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