Leni Robredo is nothing more than a sock puppet of the Liberal Party #LeniLeaks

To sum it all up, Vice-Pictorial is as plastic as they come and is nothing more than a sock puppet. She's a Vice-President by rote.

But this was clearly evident during thr campaign. Recite the Liberal party platform by rote. In the debate, she harped on on single issue - Marcos. She and Cayetano turned it into a two against one tag team wrestling match.

The Yellowtards fail to accept the fact that they don't have an organic engagement on social media. It's they who have the paid followers and the troll army while the Dutertetards act out of their own volition in their support of the administration.

Robredo thinks that just because the people visit in the remote areas that she's popular. Who wouldn't want to see a visitor if you live in a remote location?

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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