#LeniLeaks the Global Filipino Diaspora Council's plans to seize power in the Philippines!

The latest on Leni and her BFF Loida…..I managed to get a peek at the explosive “#LeniLeaks” Yahoogroup before it was switched to private (yup, it took the yellow twats half a day to change the settings after the thing went viral). My thoughts:

1. This yellow group calls itself GFDC, which stands for “Global Filipino Diaspora Council”, but I think “Geriatric Filipinos Destabilization Council” suits them better, because the most active members of the group are senior citizens with long careers in ouster plotting (i.e. Loida Lewis, her sister Imelda Nicolas, Vicky Garchitorena, Yoly Ong, Fr. Villarin of Ateneo, Black and White Movement, etc). Tumanda na, sila-sila pa rin. From Marcos to Erap to Gloria, oust pa rin ng oust. Yan lang talaga ang alam nilang gawin.

2. The yellow dinosaur demographic might also explain why a) they’re still using yahoogroups, b) they didn’t notice their posts were set to public, and c) they think they’re the saviors of the Philippines despite their epic stupidity.

3. From the manic tone of Loida’s rants in the egroup, I think she may be seriously off her rocker. This could explain why she thinks she can play God with the lives of Filipinos and dictate who can and cannot be president. It’s like she thinks she’s some kind of divine being, and all the rest of us are mere hampaslupa who should obey her commands. There was even one message with her name in the egroup that referred to the Marcoses as “Dracula” and claimed they stole $100 billion. Yes, 100 BILLION dollars. That’s bigger than the net worth of the Sultan of Brunei and Warren Buffett, combined. That’s bigger than Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Kaya pala kalahati lang ang budget ni Bongbong Marcos sa ginastos ni Leni Robredo noong eleksyon.

Actually, I feel kinda sorry for Loida. She reminds me of one of my aunts who was victimized by charismatic groups because she was bored, insecure, and had lots of money. They got her into all sorts of idiotic causes, milked her for donations and sponsorships and consulting fees. They made her think she was supporting some worthy cause so they could squeeze money out of her.

I sensed this when I read that latest smear article on President Duterte that came out in the Guardian. The article was so lame and haphazard, and it wasn’t even written by a Guardian writer, but a “contributor” from some bogus-sounding NGO, and it was published in a section for outside contributors. One of my friends in advertising called it the “hanapbuhay” section, which all newspapers have. That’s basically where editors publish prepared press releases, in exchange for a (cough!) “honorarium”. The PR agency is taking shortcuts, and doesn’t seem to care what happens with Duterte either way, as long as the billionaire client keeps paying the bill.

And from the looks of things, the PR money might as well be flushed down the toilet. After flooding all the biggest global media outlets with all sorts of shocking stories and videos and pictures, Duterte’s approval rating is still a whopping 83%! Si Leni ang bumabagsak! Mas lalong masisira ang ulo ni Loida nito.

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  1. Puro old dried up lonely single hags

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  3. i hear silence from the yellow side. they're now in deep $h!t. hard to recover. big funds may have already been rolled out to mainstream media to shut their mouth.

  4. maybe they're just waiting for a diversion, let's hope that the Feast of the Holy Nazarene which happen on Monday will be safe.

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  6. I recently commented on this Guardian's Article hours after it was published telling them that it is malicious and partial. What did the moderator do? They deleted my comment saying that it violates their 'community standards'. Pathetic isn't it?


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