Anti-Duterte Facebook page @Change_Scamming flees following threat of lawsuit!

Less than an hour after my post, Change Scamming deleted their photo implicating me as a paid propagandist.

Good. That will save that page's admin and me time we could be spending with our families battling it in court.

Consider this a warning to you, and to any person or page who feel they can say with impunity any malicious charge against private citizens.

I will not take libelous, defamatory statements against me sitting down,  even and especially not from anonymous pages.

In this day and age, your anonymity will never be a guarantee of your immunity from suits and even revenge. Tandaan ninyo yan. Nobody stays anonymous forever. The Internet is more transparent than you think.

The next time any of your pages accuse me of being paid, you better back up your claim with solid evidence admissible in court, because I will pay good money to see you in jail if you cannot prove otherwise.

As a citizen of this country, I reserve the right to attack or praise any leader I like, Change Scamming, and so do you.

I respect the existence of anti-Duterte pages because it is your privilege as a taxpaying citizen to attack him if you think his actions warrant it, but you do not cross the line and attack his supporters, especially if the supporter is a private citizen who shares the same right as you as enshrined in the Constitution--which is why I do not and have never attacked a private citizen on my own Facebook account.

Sa susunod, kikilalanin ninyo ang kakalabanin ninyo. At huwag kayong maghahamon at maghahanap ng gulo kung mga duwag kayo.

Krizette Laureta Chu as posted on Facebook.


  1. hahaah matapang lang mga yan kasi mga wlang mukha nagtatago sa laylayan ni Leni yang mga bullshit trolls ng mga dilaw!

    1. tama ka dyan sir Adrian Michael


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