Is the US Ambassador sucking up to Leni Robredo to mitigate fallout from #LeniLeaks?

Check this out:

Is Uncle Sam rolling out Oplan Sagip Leni dahil sobrang duguan na ang manok nila from the #Lenileaks scandal?

Should we expect an “international award” and/or “international speaking engagement” and/or “international media interview” soon to swing the PR momentum back to Robredo?

I don’t recall US ambassadors meeting this often with Philippine “vice-presidents” in the past.

Is this a message that the oust-Duterte plot is still in play despite Trump’s win?

Some pundits in the US say that the warmongering interventionists operate like a shadow government no matter who the US president is.

Too bad for them Robredo is disintegrating faster than an ice sculpture at a Boracay wedding.

There’s an annoying condescension in this photo.

Ano ito, “if it’s from Uncle Sam, it must be good”? Basta tatak “made in the USA”, tatanggapin na namin kaagad?

Sorry Uncle Sam, we’re not your little brown alipores anymore. I love traveling to the States, but that doesn’t mean I’ll accept this airhead “VP” just because you tell me to.

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