Leni Robredo is damned lazy, but when it comes to self-promotion, she’s relentless

As soon as she arrived from her US vacation, she went straight to a PR photo op with fire victims in Quezon City, then flew off to Naga so she could be photographed riding a motorcycle to visit typhoon victims.

Her usual moronic motherhood statements got their usual unwarranted media coverage, but wait — has Robredo done anything CONCRETE to help the victims? Has she done anything of practical significance to deserve the media attention? No, of course not. All she did was pose for pictures with victims, giggle demurely for the cameras like a teen star, and criticize the DSWD for their “slow” action.

Never mind that the DSWD personnel were actually the ones who were there in Bicol, sacrificing their Christmas holidays to assist the typhoon victims, while the social-climbing Robredo was enjoying a luxury vacation with her patrons in the US, pretending to be concerned for the typhoon victims by tapping out a few tweets here and there.

We shouldn’t be surprised, because this woman is nothing but a useless plastic shell whom the oligarchs and the yellow media scrubbed, powdered, and blow-dried into their concept of “disente”.

The first time I saw Robredo’s picture on the cover of Town & Country magazine, the society bible of the oligarchs, I could almost hear the voices of Forbes Park matronas barking out orders to make dark, stocky Leni look thinner and whiter para hindi siya magmukhang katulong. The result? A heavily manipulated photo that looks like Robredo’s head was attached to Heart Evangelista’s body. Robredo’s face was reshaped and whitened, her upper arms were shaved down to half their real size, para magmukhang mas katanggap-tanggap sa mga elitista. Parang takot yata ang magazine na hindi bumenta kung ilalagay nila ang totoong itsura at katawan ni Leni.

That fake, photoshopped image, and all the lies and false promises that go with it, are what the oligarchs and the yellow media are desperately trying to sell to the Filipino people. They still assume that the masses are too dumb and too starstruck to see through the hoax.

But judging from the insults that rain down on every news item about Robredo online, the yellow scam is definitely not working. Pinoys are a lot smarter now. There’s just one thing that bothers me — when OFWs still refer to Robredo as “VP Leni” or “Ma’am Leni” even when they insult her. My dear countrymen and women, we don’t owe this social climber anything. Let go of your serf mentality. The way this woman has been famewhoring all over the place despite strong signs that she is a product of election fraud…the way she has wasted taxpayers’ money by doing nothing except pose for magazines…the way she insults the hard work of Cabinet members when she herself does absolutely NOTHING…the way she spends all her time trying to discredit our very hardworking President who has done so much for our country in such a short period…this woman deserves no respectable title, not even “ma’am”.

Our helpers at home call her “Lugaw Queen” and I feel proud whenever I hear them say that. You know why? Because it means they know they deserve better. It means they don’t consider Robredo higher than them. It means they are not intimidated by her LV bags, Ferragamo shoes, and manufactured image. They recognize sh*t when they see it, no matter how much makeup and jewelry it’s wearing. And they’re not going to take sh*t from anyone. For them, even “Mrs. Robredo” is too generous. “Aling Leni”, baka pwede pa. That’s empowerment.

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  1. What can you expect from a total dumbass? Dumbass begets dumbass.


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