So, what now?

The verdict has been given; Renato Corona was pronounced guilty, and this impeachment trial will go down in Philippine history as the first impeachment trial to be actually concluded. Now what do we do? Should we now go back to more important matters like economics, or should we impeach another "Arroyo lackey" to prolong the zarzuela?

PNoy, the ball is on your court now. Well, no. The ball has always been on your court; it's all you, even to the detriment of those who are not in league with your Yellow Kingdom. Good luck, Philippines.


  1. Where is the power of the supreme court as a whole?

  2. So it's political power still has a power from this Impeachment Trial Court, it's very clear, what was the point of wasting time and effort of presenting the true evidence of C J, there was no cross examination yet but suddenly the majority decision of Senator-Judges were GUILTY through voting which were a mere LIE...It is a waisting view of point to Philippines has no Right LAW but it's political power at all which is one of the source of poverty in the country....A BIG SHAME to the whole WORLD in majority who is following the right rule of LAW.


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