The verdict on the Corona impeachment trial Senator-Judges #cjontrial #coronatrial

Pia Cay. – running on empty. Tries to be vogue on the outside, but is vague on the inside

Lapid – took a vow of silence instead of an oath of allegiance

Drilon – hypocricy personified. No integrity, and no doubt the turncoat already brown nosing president elect Binay.

Santiago – love her or hate her the woman has passion, intellect and independence. Her decision will be the right one

Revilla – without someone giving him a script he is just an extra

Alan Cay. – turns a simple question into a confusing monologue

Legarda – ‘just for clarification’ i postulate the she understood nothing and contributed even less

Estrada – nearly as narcissistic as his father

Vic sotto – good job batman

Enrile – 1st half very good – 2nd half seemed like mr hyde appeared.

Escudero – good questions. Has potential but also an achilles heel

Trillanes – a soldier! Did he ever fight in battle, or just dress up.

Lacson – likes to lead by bringing up the rear!

Angara – just wants to hand over the family business to his son

Pimentel – impossible to take seriously. Little boy lost.

Guingona – not exactly the sharpest tool in the box.

Pangilinan – Must be a masochist the way he kept getting slapped down by cuevas.

Osmena – who? – instantly forgettable

Arroyo – an old warhorse but needs to be put out to pasture soon, or out of his misery. The joker has lost his smile

Marcos – at least not as objectionable as the rest of his family.

Honasan – a follower, not a leader

Recto – just makes up the numbers. an empty vessel

Villar – the man with no neck kept his head down. what does he know about corruption!.

Are these the best of the best? Paragons of virtue who put country and honor before self-interest?

They are the ones guilty of ruining a once prosperous country. Shame on all their houses – declared and undeclared.

[Based on a comment posted on Get Real Post.]


  1. Cheers!, a bunch of empty suits, thinking in the seat of their pants, FB (Feeling Bayani)


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