Come again, Archbishop?

Regarding the highly publicized separation of Senator Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III and his wife, retired Pangasinan Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz had this to say:

The Most Rev. Oscar Cruz, the retired archbishop of Pangasinan, said the faithful have to face the reality that some married couples “do not make it.”

“Married life is not easy. We have to accept that there are some couples who do not make it,” Cruz said in an interview, “although as much as possible we want couples to stay married ‘till death do us part’. But that principle is not applicable to people who are not meant for marriage or are not supposed to get married.”

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Er, come again? Then how about this?

Love for the family is at the core of the cultural identity of Filipinos and should not be destroyed through divorce, said Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz during a press conference at the CBCP Conference Hall, in Intramuros.

“Kung sasabihin sa akin ‘kayo na lang ang natitira, Pilipinas, na walang divorce,’ Salamat sa Diyos! That is a distinction! I’m very proud of that!” he said.

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  1. I think what he meant is there are really couples who don't make it...but he did not say that DIVORCE will be the answer to all marriage woes; the church will not force you to stay together IF CIRCUMSTANCES ARE NOT ANYMORE GOOD FOR BOTH...but it is more the norm to continue to stay married despite all the difficulties married couple face...separation is the exception...AND SHOULD NOT BE THE RULE...that's why before anyone should get married THINK 1 MILLION TIMES :)


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