ABS-CBN shows bias flashing opinion of legal experts who predict Corona conviction #CJontrial #CoronaTrial

As of 11:45 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) the story 2 legal experts predict CJ conviction was top headline on the ABS-CBN News site.

According to the "report";
University of the East (UE) College of Law Dean Amado Valdez told ANC’s “Dateline Philippines" that the prosecution was able to prove its allegation that Corona failed to disclose his true wealth in his Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALN)--with the help of the defense.

He said the presentation of hostile witnesses, including the Ombudsman, by the defense proved counter-productive to Corona's case.

“All the 3 charges were proven by the prosecution with the aid of the evidence from the defense, especially because all the charges are political in nature. It is about the perception of the people, it's not strictly legal,” he said.
That's ABS-CBN for you -- where the "opinions" of the "experts" trump all other pertinent news.


  1. Abias... CBN...mga legal expert na bayaran ..

  2. Hula ko, Nakapagsalita lang ng ganyan si Amado Valdez dahil ayaw niyang matanggal sa programa niya sa DZMM.

    He is also one of the legal analyst on SOLAR News' coverage of the trial (on TALKtv) and he is quite fair.

  3. asusss! eh lahat naman ng news nyo pabor sa prosecution & kay abnoy...ano pang iiexpect naming verdict ayon sa inyo, syempre conviction, KADIRI TALAGA KAYO! kaya lagi kayong talo ng GMA sa ratings.

  4. sa tingin nyo, may 16 senators na magpapauto kay abnoynoy? hahaha, IN YOUR DREAMS!!! cge nga, bilangin nyo ang 16 senators na magpapauto sa inyo...ahahahaha

  5. e di ko nga alam kung bakit bilib na bilib ang abias cbn dyan kay amado valdez. i'm neutral about the impeachment but everytime i hear him express his opinion, nagtatanong ako pano ang isang ganito mag-interpret ng law naging dean ng law. kaya naman pala napakababa ng passing rate ng UE sa bar exams!


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