Activist lawyer and professor Harry Roque announces disintegration of Corona defense team @profharryroque

Even the most educated among the people who seek to continue the tradition of vilifying Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona are stepping up the use unsubstantiated assertions. Most recent instance is in a tweet made by "activist lawyer and professor" Harry Roque who after fielding the following tweet...
Sinking ship: : first Karen Jimeno [goes] missing. Now, Judd Roy withdrawing as counsel. Bye bye Corona
...was sent a response by defense counsel Karen Jimeno herself in the following tweet...
@profharryroque Hi Prof Roque! What's the source of this news? I just came from a defense mtg where Judd & I were there w/ the whole team.
As of this writing no response has so far been seen coming from the esteemed "activist lawyer and professor".


  1. Tita Harriet your wig is showing...

  2. another unverified and unauthenticated report......harra, paki clarify lang, please.


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