An advice to the senator-judges.

Recently, impeachment analyst Romulo Macalintal raised the notion of "abstention vote."

Although senators are supposed to vote “guilty” or “not guilty” in the impeachment case of Chief Justice Renato Corona, some might decide to abstain from voting because they are unable to determine with certainty, based on available evidence, if Corona is guilty or innocent, according to impeachment analyst Romulo Macalintal.

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Since the moment of truth is just around the corner, the moment where the senator-judges decide on Chief Justice Renato Corona's fate, I took the liberty of giving them a little advice. As far as political power is concerned, go for either a "guilty" or "not guilty" vote; don't abstain.

Political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli explained the importance of taking sides in war and politics. According to him, it is wise to take sides, since you gain political allies from either side. If you go for a "guilty" verdict, there will be people who will support you. The same goes for when you choose a "not guilty" verdict. However, if you abstain, people who are for conviction will definitely resent you.

Moreover, despite Macalintal's explanation that an abstain vote is also equivalent to a "not guilty" vote, people who are for Corona's acquittal might still resent you, since your "support" might be thought of as coming from intellectual ineptitude or cowardice. If you will contribute to Corona's acquittal, do it boldly.

Good luck, senator-judges. Time to show some spine.


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