Time to elect leaders who uphold the #Philippines' national interests FIRST!

I think all countries, if they have the capability, have economic "hitmen". I have just learned, for example, from a friend in the UN that China seems to be today very busy in trying to influence anything and everything in the international body. From NY to Geneva, the wining and dining that is going and that the Chinese spend on the different and critical UN personnel is unprecedented and incredible, she says.

The only reason we get hit by these US hitmen is because don't have strategic positioning, we are too inward looking, but that is because we don't approach things like business, and thus we don't nuanced. Business is always about gaining strenght, and strenght does not necessarily have to start with money and arms. It has to be founded on the right principles, values, and good foresight. Most people are rational, and they can be reason out. If only the Philippines just does this, I think we could have a lot of allies in the world in terms of countries, organizations, groups, interests, etc., and we won't have to worry about hitmen. Unfortunately, the Philippines does not have this thinking at the top level.

There is totally nothing wrong with having very, very selfish interest. In fact, the world operates on this basis. The market economy operates most of the time without guidance because there are competing self interest. Our leaders are not focused in the protection of our national interest because of the complacency and apathy of the public. I think it is time to be serious. Politics and foreign affairs are no joking matters. This is the biggest sin of the Yellows especially PNoy because they operated like they were managing a student council — that is of course assuming they have not been bought by foreign interest, which case could explain their lackadaisical ways and vacuous Daan Tuwid.

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  1. Which country's interest have we been upholding then?


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