Lack of a focus on the future keeps #Filipinos mired in the past!

[Filipinos live by flawed notions when it comes to] casting blame. It's practically saying let's punish the children or descendants of those people who did wrong in the past. Let us make the children answer/suffer for the shortcomings, real or imagined, of their elders. I don't think that is what Jose Rizal meant or thought when he made a statement about our youth as the future of the country. Pointing to the past crimes of the other party will not really prove the innocence of the accusing party. It will only prove that everybody is guilty of the same crimes.

I don't think martial law is being use as a tool to frighten the people. Even if it is I don't think there will be people who will get scared because martial law is a non-starter at this time. It was a fad in the '70s and '80s. It was the trend in the past that will be hard to repeat in the present. What actually was happening was, for lack of a legitimate issue against, for example Bongbong [Marcos], people bring up the past that can be attached to him in order to put him on the defensive. And what better way to do it than drag his dictator father in the picture?

Politics is all about points. Wherever you get it you must get it.

I'm actually speaking about not putting too much fuss about martial law as a tool to frighten us not because it was harmless but because it is now being floated about as a handicapped, an obstacle on Bongbong's path to frustrate his political ambition. It's all politics.

You know what's scarier than the specter of martial law for some people? The possibility of Bongbong Marcos becoming the president of the country.

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