Corruption in the #Philippines begins with the man and woman on the street

What do most Filipinos do when stopped by a policeman? Of course – lagay. And then they start screaming how incompetent and corrupt the leadership is! Not to excuse the corrupt, incompetent leadership but sometimes we get what we deserve. We have voters who haven't the slightest clue about any issue. We should only allow those with college degrees to vote!

Unfortunately the only hope for a turnaround, Rodrigo Duterte is not running. So what are we suppose to do? Don't bribe a policeman, don't bribe a customs inspector, don't bribe a BIR examiner, don't bribe a LTO clerk, don't bribe anyone in City Hall, etc.

If you ask any of the current candidate what their vision for the Philippines I bet you won't get any inspiring answers because they don't have any.

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